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Reflexology UK: Generally it seems like an aspirin or whatever it is you've been swallowing through the years for your aches and pains really does not appear to solve the problem anymore. Possibly you ought to have a shot at something else, perhaps one of the alternative therapies like reflexology might get to the root of the problem. A favoured alternative therapy that's helping thousands of sufferers with their health problems all around the British Isles, reflexology can sometimes be remarkably effective.

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Though there are a lot of benefits which can be gained through reflexology techniques, it should never be thought to be an alternative for conventional medical care. It should be used together with regular National Heath treatment like a sort of double fisted solution to your condition. Getting hold of a professional reflexologist will be your first move, so you can talk about your current health issues and discover if they can suggest a treatment.

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Reflexology - A Summary

Reflexology was practiced hundreds of years ago in China, Egypt, Japan and India. Achieving pain relief by the use of pressure to particular regions of the human body (especially the hands and feet), is a principle of reflexology that's been implemented through the ages by various peoples and civilizations. An ENT doctor called William H Fitzgerald was responsible for today's incarnation of reflexology, which was revealed in his well known book "Zone Therapy for Relieving Pain in the Home" in 1917. During the 30's a physio called Eunice Ingham (1889 - 1974) further developed his hypotheses.

Regulating the natural energy pathways of the body to redress any imbalances and help improve wellbeing and healing, is what reflexology strives to accomplish. It is an alternative and complementary medical treatment that is increasingly being accepted by medical professionals. The general belief is that it is on the hands and feet that reflexologists exclusively work. This isn't exactly true however, because there are also energy pathways in the hands, face, ears and lower leg, therefore these are also zones which can be manipulated to get relief. During a reflexology procedure, pressure is used on certain zones of the body to reposition the energy pathways inside the body.

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Several of the complaints that a reflexologist will be happy to alleviate include: joint pain, sinusitis, headaches/migraines, sciatica, chronic back pain, pregnancy issues, anxiety, menopausal symptoms, poor digestion and insomnia. To understand just what may be done to help you, get in touch with your local practitioner and explain your ailments, as there are disorders that can be treated other than the ones mentioned above.

Before setting in motion any plan of treatment a trained UK reflexologist will collect your complete patient history and ask you questions pertaining to diet, lifestyle and health. This information will help them to work out a treatment plan that is specifically for you. It is important that you get an explanation from the reflexologist about how the therapy is going to be of benefit to you. If you can think of any questions and concerns regarding the procedure, they will be happy to put your mind at rest.

Diagnosing health conditions and proferring medical advice is not included in the services that'll be offered by your local reflexologist, because, besides the ethics, they would not normally have enough medical training to do this. Whilst reflexology may be used together with conventional medical treatments, health advice really should be sought from your G.P regarding fundamental medical conditions before you think about seeking treatments from a professional reflexologist. Ideally it's best to confer with your G.P as the reflexology healing moves along.

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When looking for a reflexologist in the UK you need to check that they're joined to one of the appropriate professional associations such as the British Reflexology Association (BRA) or the Association of Reflexologists (AOR). Worldwide, they may additionally be members of the IFR (International Federation of Reflexologists) and the IIR (the International Institute of Reflexology). It is also critical that they're protected by the relevant insurance policy. The minimum qualification that enables somebody to practice as a reflexologist is a Diploma (Level 3) in Reflexology and Complementary Therapies, past practical experience in the world of healthcare, counselling, massage and beauty therapy would be an additional benefit. Should they not have these they are not by law qualified to offer treatment in UK, or elsewhere within Britain.

Hand Reflexology

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Though it's not as well known in the British Isles, hand reflexology is just as valuable as the traditional foot reflexology. Because every gland and organ corresponds to reflex points within the hands, working on these reflex points can have the consequence of improving the circulation of blood as well as rebalancing and relaxing the body. A hand reflexology treatment is often very effective although the reflex points are much deeper and the hands are not as sensitive as the feet. Reflexologists might use hand reflexology either independently or along with foot or other reflexology therapies.

Reflexology Pregnancy UK

Reflexology treatments use massage techniques on the hands, feet and ears to promote beneficial effects on the body of the patient. The primary benefits of reflexology therapies for mothers-to-be in UK includes a reduction in the severity of morning sickness, insomnia, back pain and pelvic pain. It is also really effective during labour contractions to help with the pain and anxiety during childbirth.

For ladies who are pregnant for the very first time, reflexology is a wonderfully calming alternative treatment which can help in pacifying the strong emotions that are triggered by hormonal changes, and mitigate anxiety and panic levels. Reflexology is also a safe, drug free treatment that can be implemented at any stage of the pregnancy. Before the start of any reflexology procedures, it is advised that you talk to your GP and midwife, particularly if you have recently experienced vaginal bleeding, been diagnosed with placenta previa or have a history of hypertension. (Tags: Pregnancy Reflexology UK, Reflexology Pregnancy UK, Maternity Reflexology UK).

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Reflexology dates back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, however it is only since the 1980's that facial reflexology has been around. Pressure is applied to certain areas of the face to stimulate blood flow and energy, which can affect various parts of the body.

Facial reflexology treatments employ gentle, smooth and calming massaging movements that reach up towards the hairline. The facial massage can also target the visible effects of the treatment, with some clients in UK treating it as a massage based facelift.

Facial reflexology has been endorsed through research to be a beneficial treatment for people suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia. The improved blood flow, the reduction of anxiety and the easing of muscular tension that are achieved by facial reflexology are all associated with an improvement in sleep patterns. (Tags: Facial Reflexology UK, Reflexology Facelifts UK, Facial Reflexology for Insomnia UK, Facial Reflexology Treatments UK).

How Quickly Will I Feel an Improvement in my Condition?

The patient should notice an improvement in their condition instantly, if not within just a few moments of receiving the procedure. Headaches and migraines frequently disappear at once and sinuses drain as the treatment is being conducted. Those that have fluid retention or edema might even stand up and visit the bathroom before the session is even complete due to their condition improving right away.

Famous Reflexologists

The evolution of present day reflexology therapy has resulted from the work of a number of people including: William Fitzgerald (1872 - 1942), Doctor Edwin F. Bowers (born 1871), Doreen Bayly, Eunice Ingham and Dwight Byers.

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By checking out the National Careers website you can learn about the skills that are essential to be a reflexologist in UK, the professional bodies associated with reflexologists, the day-to-day tasks of reflexologists, how to obtain a reflexologist apprenticeship in UK, career prospects and pathways for reflexologists in UK, working environment of a reflexologist, the qualification requirements for college or university education, current reflexologist job opportunities in UK, the normal working hours for a reflexologist, restrictions and requirements and how you can become a reflexologist in UK, if you're aiming to take up reflexology as a career. If you are keen to read up on the various benefits of reflexology check this out. See a You Tube video tutorial on reflexology basics here Have a look at Wikipedia to learn more facts about the effectiveness of reflexology, the history of reflexology, the claimed mechanics of reflexology, an explanation of reflexology and UK regulations concerning reflexology. You should visit the Association of Reflexology website, if you would like to conduct a search of licensed local reflexologists in UK. To view the social media reaction to reflexology trends and developments check this out.


Your nearby UK reflexologist should be able to provide a wide range of treatments and procedures to help with a whole host of health problems. A good one will be able to help with reflexology for menstrual cramps, reflexology for sporting injuries, reflexology for sciatica, foot reflexology for pcos, reflexology for kidney infection UK, reflexology for neck pain UK, reflexology for anxiety UK, reflexology for nausea, reflexology in pregnancy, reflexology for fertility, reflexology for gout, reflexology for tennis elbow, reflexology for endometriosis, reflexology for depression UK, reflexology for dizziness, reflexology for ibs, japanese reflexology UK, reflexology for asthma in UK, reflexology for snoring, reflexology for joint pain UK, reflexology for women, reflexology for sinusitis, reflexology for constipation, reflexology for diabetes in UK, baby reflexology UK, pregnancy reflexology in UK, reflexology for backaches, reflexology to help sleep in UK, reflexology for migraines UK, reflexology for babies, foot reflexology to induce labour, reflexology for vertigo in UK, reflexology for stress in UK, and numerous other reflexology related treatments.

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Our idea when putting together this website was to answer a few of the most common queries that patients ask when looking to get treatment, such as "where might I locate a reflexologist near UK?", "what certifications does a reflexologist need to practice?", "what is reflexology?" and "what can be cured by reflexology?". If we've done our job properly, we will have provided an insight into just what reflexology is, and cleared up most of these queries.

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