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Reflexology South Shields Tyne and Wear (NE33): If you tend to always pop an ibuprofen every time you are in pain, you'll find there are certain times when this just doesn't work. Maybe a healthier solution could be to try out reflexology or even one of the other so called alternative therapies which are currently available. A popular complimentary therapy that is helping large numbers of men and women alleviate their medical problems all around the United Kingdom, reflexology can sometimes be amazingly effective.

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Despite the fact that there are many benefits that can be gained by way of reflexology techniques, it should never be considered as a replacement for conventional medical care. But instead as a supplementary remedy with there being a large number of positive benefits that can be gained from having a few reflexology sessions. Getting hold of a trained local reflexologist will be your first move, so that you can chat about your health issues and see if they've got a remedy.

Reflexology South Shields Tyne and Wear NE33

Reflexology - A Brief Guide

Reflexology was used long ago in Egypt, China, Japan and India. The principle that afflictions could be relieved and healing may be attained from the application of pressure on particular precise parts of the hands and feet is something that several cultures have embraced throughout history. In the 1910's the contemporary embodiment of reflexology was born, mostly due to the diligence of William Fitzgerald. His ideas were augmented during the 30's by physiotherapist Eunice Ingham.

A non-intrusive alternative and supplementary treatment method that endeavors to achieve balance, wellness and help in curative process through the manipulation of the natural energy pathways in the body, reflexology has grown to be extremely popular in recent times. The widespread notion is that it is on the hands and feet that a reflexologist exclusively works. This is not exactly true however, because energy pathways are also found in the hand, face, ears and lower leg, therefore these areas can also be manipulated to get relief. The restorative results are achieved in a reflexology procedure by aligning the energy pathways inside the body by applying pressure on these zones.

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The most commonplace causes for seeking the expertise of a reflexologist include the likes of: lower back pain, menstrual pain, maternity complications, migraines, bladder problems, sleeping disorders such as insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis, panic attacks and pain in the joints. This isn't a comprehensive list and it is a good idea to consult with your local South Shields reflexologist with regards to your specific needs in advance of getting any treatment.

Before commencing any plan of treatment an experienced South Shields reflexologist will collect a full patient history and will want to know details about health, lifestyle and diet. They will be able to provide a plan of treatment for your disorder, that's specifically formulated for your needs, with the help of this information. It's vital that you get a clarification from the reflexologist about exactly how the treatment might benefit you. If you can think of any worries and questions about the procedure, they'll be able to answer them.

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Diagnosing conditions and giving medical health advice is not part of the services that will be offered by your local reflexologist, because, apart from anything else, they don't have sufficient medical training to do this. Professional medical advice should always come from a doctor about your underlying medical situation before you even think about getting treatment from a reflexologist, or in fact any other alternative therapist. As the reflexology healing continues you must still consult with your doctor about your progress.

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All reflexologists has to have the proper insurance cover and have membership of a professional body, for example the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) or the British Reflexology Association (BRA). The standard qualification that they need to hold to practice as a reflexologist is a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology and Complementary Therapies, prior experience in the world of massage, beauty therapy, healthcare and counselling is an added bonus. If they do not hold these they are not by law allowed to offer treatments.

For anybody who lives in the Tyne and Wear areas close to South Shields, like for example East Boldon, Horsley Hill, Simonside, Boldon Colliery, Cleadon, Whitburn, Seaburn, Monkwearmouth, Westoe, West Harton, West Park, West Boldon, Jarrow, Primrose, Fulwell, Harton, Marsden, these reflexology services are still widely accessible.

Hand Reflexology

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Although it is not as well known in the United Kingdom, hand reflexology is equally valuable as the more common foot reflexology. Because every gland and organ is connected to reflex zones within the hands, working on such reflex points should have the consequence of enhancing blood circulation as well as rebalancing and relaxing the body. Hand reflexology procedures can be equally as effective as any treatments, in spite of the fact that the hands are not as sensitive and the reflex zones are a lot deeper. Reflexologists may use hand reflexology procedures either independently or together with other reflexology techniques.

Reflexologist Training Courses

Reflexology Courses South Shields

If you have dreams to be a reflexologist there are many places throughout Great Britain, where you can take reflexology courses. For example tutored courses, diploma courses and self-study courses are offered by the School of Natural Health Sciences.

A selection of reflexology Books: Complete Reflexology for Life by Barbara Kunz and Kevin Kunz, Teach Yourself Reflexology, The Everything Reflexology Books: Manipulate Zones in the Hands and Feet to Relieve Stress, The Secrets of Reflexology, Holistic Reflexology: Essential Oils and Crystal Massage in Reflex Zone Therapy (Ewald Kliegel), Reflexology for Fertility: A Practitioners Guide to Natural and Assisted Conception (Barbara Scott), Better Health with Foot Reflexology.

Problems That Are Often Treated With Reflexology

  • Back pain
  • Chemotherapy and cancer induced nausea
  • Muscle pain
  • Skin disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Digestive problems
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Anxiety and stress
  • PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)
  • Low immunity
  • Hormone imbalances

A Reflexologist's Everyday Tasks

  • Referring customers to their doctor if needed
  • Explaining the various reflexology treatments to customers
  • Examining the customer's hands and feet for problems
  • Setting out a future treatment plan
  • If appropriate, teach the client simple reflexology strategies to use in the home between reflexology treatments
  • Applying pressure with the fingers and thumb to the hands and feet of customers
  • Meeting with customers and conducting an initial evaluation
  • Keeping track of treatment information

Reflex Zones

Foot Chart

There are actually a number of reflex zones within the hands, feet and face which correspond to organs, systems and glands situated inside the body of a human, it is these reflex points that reflexology is targeted on. It should not be regarded as a foot massage (which simply involves rubbing the the foot), since it targets pressure points inside the foot. Reflexologists need to hit these deep pressure points using the right amount of pressure and at precise angles, meaning it's considerably more than a simple massage. They will work on the reflex points using their fingers and thumbs and they might also use a tiny amount of powder or essential oil to make the process smoother.

How Long Till I Feel Better?

When going through a reflexology procedure, patients should notice an improvement either right away or within a few minutes or so in most cases. Headaches and migraines frequently disappear right away and sinuses drain as the treatment is being executed. Edema sufferers who retain fluids may feel improvements right away and may even need to rush to the toilet midway through the treatment.

The advancement of today's reflexology techniques has involved a number of individuals including: Doreen Bayly, Eunice Ingham, Dr Edwin Frederick Bowers (born 1871), Dwight Byers and Dr William H Fitzgerald (1872 - 1942).


Reflexologist Information

If you happen to be looking for a reflexologist in South Shields and want someone who's qualified and approved you could pay a visit to the Association of Reflexology website. By checking out the official National Careers website you'll be able to find out about latest reflexologist opportunities in South Shields, career prospects and pathways for reflexologists in South Shields, the necessary qualifications needed for university or college education, working environments of a reflexologist, the professional associations overseeing reflexology, the daily duties of a reflexologist, the best ways to become a reflexologist in South Shields, how to get a reflexologist apprenticeship in South Shields, restrictions and requirements, the typical working hours for a reflexologist and what skills are required to be a reflexologist in South Shields, if you are aiming to take up reflexology as a career. If you wish to discover more about reflexology, you'll find details of the claimed mechanics of reflexology, the effectiveness of reflexology as a treatment, UK regulations concerning reflexologists, the definition of reflexology and the history of reflexology, by visiting Wikipedia. If you'd like to learn more info on about the effectiveness of reflexology click here. If you are one of those folks who invariably depends on social media to discover stuff about goods and services, you'll be able to get all the latest information on reflexology if you check this out. Have an understanding of reflexology and the internal organs on You Tube here


In this short article we've wanted to answer a few questions for instance "where can I find a reflexologist near South Shields?", "what certifications does a reflexologist need?", "what is reflexology?" and "what can be helped with reflexology?". We hope we've answered these questions adequately and many more, and moreover offered you a comprehension of exactly what reflexology is and in what way it may possibly be able to help to alleviate your recurring medical condition.

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